One last birthday dinner at Luby’s

Welcome reader, this time we celebrate my birthday at Luby’s one last time… geez that sounds a bit morbid does it not? Well for those of you not from the Houston area but happen to read this blog, or those of you who avoid cafeteria food, or you, yes even you, person who accidentally found this post via Google 5 years later, worry not as Luby’s time is up, not mine! It has long been a birthday tradition of mine to eat at Luby’s usually with a grandparent at the Post Oak location. Unfortunately as the years have dragged I find myself down in both numbers of grandparents and Luby’s. As I had to choose a different Luby’s for my annual celebration, I decided that I wanted to go for a location that was equally nice as my old spot which will soon host Kenny & Ziggy’s Deli.

The Luby’s at 9797 S Post Oak Rd, Houston, TX 77096 would end up serving as my birthday dinner this year.


Now some readers may wonder why I choose Luby’s as a birthday destination. In all honesty I don’t have a reason other than I like the food! Luby’s is 100% comfort food for me, and I during my birthday I tend to go all out and not only get something like a chopped steak, but a desert too. One thing I did not expect was for Luby’s to be a busy as it was, my wife and I found ourselves at the South Post Oak location on a rainy Monday evening, and while I couldn’t call it Land Office business, there were enough customers that taking photographs was difficult. Beyond the rise in patronage, another thing I wasn’t expecting was a near total lack of deserts! Unfortunately as part of the bankruptcy proceedings Luby’s seems to have shutdown their central commissary which produced deserts among other items. Oddly this hasn’t just effected the premade items, things like spice mixes, gravy, and stuffing are now prepared elsewhere. Given the fact that Luby’s locations do generally have full kitchens, it’s likely most everything is prepared on site. I’ve been to Luby’s a few times since bankruptcy proceedings began, and things are very noticeably changing. I have yet to see a dip in quality, but let me just say I won’t be reviewing the food, as it tasted like standard Luby’s (Although the Cherry cobbler I ended up with was the best its tasted in years!). If you get a chance stop by a Luby’s before there are no more!


  1. Hey, my birthday happened just the other day, maybe I should have pushed for Luby’s since I didn’t get one last birthday dinner at the Pappas Seafood House on Shepherd (my go-to after tiring of hearing “again?” from family about Larry’s Mexican Restaurant). I’ll plan to go to one in the next week.

    Fingers crossed for an 11th hour rescue of Luby’s.

    1. Ha, my go to’s have changed over the years as restaurants do. I’m really hoping and faithful that we’ll see some version of Luby’s live on. It may be one or two locations, and only last for a few more years, but I don’t think this is completely the end for the cafeteria.