This Week in Demolition: If this is all you get, it’s all you get!

Howdy Folks, this week in Demolition we see some interesting demolitions, mixed in with a litany of technical issues! Hopefully everyone is seeing this post, as I’ve been encountering some technical issues lately. These are related to a consistent rise in traffic, which causes my server to often hit its limits. I’m trying to upgrade to a better server within a week or so, but of course I do have outside responsibilities to attend to. Anyways, on with the demolitions! From a commercial perspective, we see 11011 Northwest Fwy come down for a new Chick-fil-A. The restaurant started life as Clyde’s Eatery and has served as multiple other restaurants since then, the majority being Asian themed. It was most recently home to Ty’s Seafood Kitchen and has been vacant since they closed in 2017. We also hear a million colons collectively cry-out as the KFC/Taco Bell at 2093 Taylor St in Sawyer Heights is demolished, fear not though we already know this location will be back thanks to permits filed last week. Finally, a long empty Exxon station at 2303 W Sam Houston Pkwy is seeing wrecking balls after closing in 2019 for remodeling.

In noncommercial but still non-residential demolitions, St. Thomas University is in a continued growth mode. Three buildings in the heart of the campus are tagged to be demolished soon. All three buildings are located on Mt. Vernon Street and were originally residential structures. As St. Thomas University expanded in the 50s and 60s, they bought up houses surrounding the initial campus. Some of these homes include the somewhat famous 1952 purchase of Howard Hughes’ childhood home. While the homes being demolished this week are likely not as historic, they are still historic, and it is somewhat sad to see them go. Looking at relocation notices, it seems these buildings have been mostly unused since 2018. I was not able to look up the history of the house due to time constraints of buying a house myself! If anyone knows or would like to add some history, please feel free in the comments below! P.S. If you like this blog, and want to support its growth, please consider donating, anything helps.

Residential Demolitions
5589 Cedar Creek Dr, Houston, TX 77056– Tanglewood, 5/4 Early 50s Ranch, Great Shape, Photos
5659 Cartagena St, Houston, TX 77035– Westbury, 1960s 3/2, Nice Updates, Photos
1122 Wyatt St, Houston, TX 77023– Jackson Court, Garage Only, Brick Bungalow, Very Nice, Photos
3638 Sun Valley Dr, Houston, TX 77025– Woodside, Garage Only, 60s Ranch, Great Shape, Photos
1139 Aurora St, Houston, TX 77009– Sunset Heights, Photos
1810 Wakefield Dr, Houston, TX 77018– Oak Forest, Photos
858 W Forest Dr, Houston, TX 77079– Nottingham, Photos
5504 Sturbridge Dr, Houston, TX 77056– Tanglewood, Seems like may have flooded, Photos
2508 Thomas St, Houston, TX 77009– Wrightwood, Abandoned asking $255k, Photos
1417 Overhill St, Houston, TX 77018– Oak Forest, Photos
2031 Dunstan Rd, Houston, TX 77005– Southampton Place, Photos
3762 Drake St, Houston, TX 77005– Sunset Terrace, Photos
8439 Blankenship Dr, Houston, TX 77080– Langwood, Right you are Ken, Photos
3218 Sackett St, Houston, TX 77098– Crawford (Upper Kirby), Photos
4903 Braesvalley Dr, Houston, TX 77096– Meyerland, Likely Flooded, Photos
21625 Lake Point Dr, Kingwood, TX 77339– Kingwood, Likely Flooded, Photos
1514 Malvern St, Houston, TX 77009– Ryon Addition, Photos
1327 Buescher Dr, Houston, TX 77043– Rosemont Terrace, Photos
4912 La Branch St, Houston, TX 77004– Southmore, La Branch Apartments, Photos
2714 Beauchamp St, Houston, TX 77009– Woodland Heights
221 Cockerel St, Houston, TX 77018– Northmore
410 W Pierce St, Houston, TX 77019– West Pierce Green
5201 Jewel St, Houston, TX 77026– Faigrounds Park
2114 Chestnut St, Houston, TX 77009– Chestnut Enclave
5335 Willow Glen Dr, Houston, TX 77033– Inwood Terrace
1030 N Victory Dr, Houston, TX 77088– Lincoln City
1806 Woodcrest Dr, Houston, TX 77018– Oak Forest
13410 & 1314 Canterwell Rd, Houston, TX 77047– Almeda
2305 Davis St, Houston, TX 77026– Syndor
5210 Rapido Rd, Houston, TX 77033– Brookhaven
2701 Melbourne St, Houston, TX 77026– Huntington Place
1646 Woodcrest Dr, Houston, TX 77018– Oak Forest
9130 Woodlyn Rd, Houston, TX 77078– Chatwood Place
964 Reverend B J Lewis Dr, Houston, TX 77088– Lincoln City
7622 Touchstone St, Houston, TX 77028– Weyburn Place
3713 Rebecca St, Houston, TX 77021– South Union
4107 Howcher St, Houston, TX 77047– Bayou Terrace
7513 Bywood St, Houston, TX 77028– Rosewood Estates
5709 Zelma Dr, Houston, TX 77076– Helms Estate
2114 Chestnut St, Houston, TX 77009– Allen AC

Non-Residential Demolitions
11011 Northwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77092– Originally Clyde’s Eatery (Thanks to Aaron!) Most recently Ty’s Seafood Kitchen, Permit filed by Chick-Fil-A
2093 Taylor St, Houston, TX 77007– Sawyer Heights, Combo/Taco Bell KFC, Being rebuilt
5300 Gasmer Dr, Houston, TX 77035– Originally a house, most recently a church looks like it was recently on fire, no name on permit
13033 Landmark, Houston, TX 77045– Buildings 1-6, Appears to be smaller temporary buildings?
2303 W Sam Houston Pkwy N, Houston, TX 77043– Most recently Exxon and Independent Gas Station, Closed in 2019
8858 N Loop E Fwy, Houston, TX 77029– Hart Heat Transfer Products, Listing
4110 Mt Vernon St, Houston, TX 77006- University of Saint Thomas, Student Ministry
4102 Mt Vernon St, Houston, TX 77006– University of Saint Thomas, Political Science House
4902 Gano St, Houston, TX 77009– Avenue Villas, St. Patrick’s Adult Center for Catholic Education

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