Retail News: Costco Business Center sets a grand opening date, while Ollie’s Bargain Outlet stalls

Welcome back folks, it’s been a bit since our last news update, and as per usual not much too crazy has gone on in that time. So let’s start off by checking on some older bits of information. We first became aware of Costco’s Entry into Stafford’s GRID development (the former Texas Instrument Plant) back in 2020. The store was to replace what was originally intended to be an interactive driving range in the style of Top Golf. While the removal of this large entertainment piece throws a wrench into the mixed used intents of the space, you’re sure to get some entertainment out of the fact that this is not planned to be a normal Costco. In fact what we have on our hands is a Costco Business Center, which has received a planned grand opening date of September 24th. For those unaware Costco Business Centers are open to regular members, and in addition to longer hours the stores offer unique items.

The Costco Business Center in Stafford is set to open September 24th

On the opposite side of town, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet is getting close to complete, but has yet to announce an opening date. The regional liquidation chain is set to open their first Houston location sometime this year, but has been keeping the exact date secret. Ollie’s plan to enter Houston is not new, and actually dates all the way back to Toys R Us’ first demise, in which Ollie’s was erroneously named as purchasing multiple Houston locations. In fact, Ollie’s had purchased stores in smaller towns between Houston and DFW to test the waters. As of this post, the nearest Ollie’s to Houston is their Clute location, which opened in April of 2021. As of August, the Steeplechase Center location, at Jones Road and 1960, is in the final stages of construction as the structure is finished and attention has now been turned to assembling shelving, checkouts, etc…

While it can’t be that much longer, Ollie’s could possibly need a couple of months to do things like build a staff.


  1. FWIW I drove past the Ollies a day or two ago and there is a hand written sign on the door that says opening Sept 25th.

    1. The handwritten sign has been replaced with a printed one that says September 15th. I snagged a photo of it if anyone needs it for anything.