Permit Roundup: Sugar Factory Express is coming to Houston, and Memorial City Target remodels

Howdy Folks, I hope Monday is treating you well so far! As far as new permits go this week, we’re not seeing too much but what we do have is yummy, so we’ll start with the new end with the old. Sugar Factory Express has filed a demolition permit for the space they’re moving into in Galleria I. If you’re like me, then you’ve probably never heard of Sugar Factory, much less their Express variant. So let’s talk a moment how this place ended up in the title this week. Sugar Factory seems to be an experiment in excess, it’s a specialty restaurant based around candy, and seems to be promoting themselves using celebrities, like 50 Cent, Nick Cannon, and “DJ” Pauly-D (link unavailable he’s on the homepage a bunch though). With upscale digs, and a menu that makes the Luther Burger seem like a healthy choice, you have to wonder how Houston got tricked into only getting an Express location! This version of the Sugar Factory serves a limited “fast-casual” menu based off the main restaurant. When the expansion announcement was made in 2020 Sugar Factory also indicated many other cities in their plans, and it looks like we may be the first to have our actually open. It appears that Sugar Factory Express will be on the Ice Rink Level, near the Post Office. Another new concept coming to town, is a bit more local, and seems much more stable. The previously announced and highly anticipated, Underbelly Burger Shop, has filed a build out permit inside the Houston Farmer’s Market. The restaurant is part of the Chris Shepherd’s restaurant group, and is a return to using Underbelly after the namesake restaurant shutdown in 2018.

The former Landmark Chevrolet Truck Sales area is likely where a new Food Truck park will end up. Photo Credit: meltedplastic

Other new spots popping up around town include a DD’s Discounts, which has filed interior permits for a new location at 12930 Willow Chase Dr Houston, TX 77070. The new store appears to be slated for the center of the Willowchase Center. Another new spot, is a planned food truck park, on the site of Doggett Ford 9225 North Fwy Houston, TX 77037. The massive combination Heavy Equipment Company/Ford Truck and Van dealership sits on the former location of the even larger grave of Landmark Chevrolet, which closed in 2008. One last new thing is a Domoino’s Pizza at 12740 Memorial Dr, Houston, TX 77024 which is the second tenant in a new micro-strip-mall. Finally wrapping up, we have some remodeling news. The Memorial City Mall Target has submitted plans for a remodel. Target is the second-newest anchor at Memorial City, replacing Montgomery Ward in 2001, a companion permit was also filed for the Starbucks inside.



  1. The Memorial City Target’s remodel has begun, starting with the “moving of the shelves so no one can find anything and minimally stocking inventory so it looks like a a Kmart” phase.

    Ugh, I can still hear Landmark’s obnoxious radio ads about their
    FINAL (hammer hitting chisel “clink”)
    SACRIFICE (clink)
    PRICE (clink)