Retail News: Shopper’s World might be headed for Steeplechase Shopping Center

The former Target as it appeared prior to Ollie’s moving in.

According to permits filed by the owner of the former Steeplechase Target space, a Shoppers World department store may be taking over some of the space. After mostly sitting empty since closing, the former Target is slated for a full redevelopment, with Shopper’s World planning to fill the middle section of the building and a Salon-Studio space to take over the remaining portion, which had previously been occupied by Planet Fitness. Other development in the Steeplechase Center includes new fast food tenant Checker’s taking the place of long-shuttered Arby’s. The chain is unrelated to the Shopper’s World stores that previously operated in Houston, later renamed Lots-Off. The current Shoppers World has two locations in Texas, one in the Irving Mall and the other in South Park Mall in San Antonio.