Retail News: Burlington slims down in Houston leaving Almeda Mall

Photo Credit: HHR Reader Moon

Burlington has recently opened two new locations, both in former Best Buy stores. The two former Best Buys at 13238 Northwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77040 and 24230 Commercial Dr. Rosenberg, TX 77470, closed in 2021 and 2022, respectively, as part of a larger restructuring Best Buy has undertaken over the past two years. The move made by Burlington represents a strategy to ditch their older, larger stores for newer, smaller locations. Burlington in Houston is somewhat tainted by a reputation for messy understaffed stores. The reputation, while fairly earned, was not helped by the fact that Burlington’s major 2000s push into Houston involved purchasing many former Kmart locations. These stores were some of Burlington’s largest and are no longer in line with the company’s vision.

The former Woolco/Venture/Kmart and its subdivided space, which was been various stores.

Another location that will soon receive the axe is Burlington’s cavernous Almeda Mall location. The discount department store only occupies half of the former JCPenney space, with the other half and upstairs seemingly untouched. Burlington, however, will not be going far, simply moving over to the subdivided end of a former Woolco, now mostly occupied by Floor & Decor. The end was originally split off by Woolco for their subsidiary J. Brannam, which closed in 1983 along with Woolco. While Burlington has yet to announce the move officially, they have placed coming soon signs along the Gulf Freeway.