What’s Going on at the former Fuddrucker’s on Kirkwood

I moved recently! I relocated from the center of Houston, closer to my job on the west side of town. During one of my many trips moving things back and forth, I noticed a recently closed Fuddrucker’s at 2475 S. Kirkwood . I had been to this location a few times, when I was child. My parents had at that time also moved to the west side, and we would “meet in the middle” for lunch with my grandparents. We would sometimes go to Le Peep, often Luby’s, and every once and a while, this Fuddrucker’s.

Walking up to the building didn’t elicit any direct memories. I could make out that there was writing on the windows, but other than that the black paint did such a bad job of hiding the logo it looked like it was just faded out.

A close up of the awning shows that the logo still shines through. In addition to painting the awning, the sign on the building was removed, and the road sign was also painted over. Coming closer to the door revealed a Construction Permit.

This location was sold August 24th, and closed 4 days later. However, the permit still lists Luby’s Fuddrucker’s Restaurant as the occupant. The permit is for demolishing interior walls.

Upon looking into the restaurant, the interior walls had obviously been demolished, but many things were left behind. Including most of the kitchen equipment. This leads me to believe that this Fuddrucker’s may be coming back.

Even though looking at the building from afar didn’t bring back any memories, this rear dining room did. Specifically the awesome sloped roof! Along with the exposed HVAC equipment.

Coming to the back of the restaurant, it was obvious that people had been working. The lights and fans were all on. Also worth noticing is that not only were appliances and fixtures, like this sink were left behind. Things like flatware, prep containers, and even dish washing supplies stuck around.

This building was constructed in 1983, however Fuddrucker’s did not move in until 1988, or if they did I can’t find any mention of it. I’m relatively sure this back dining room replaced a patio. My indications were the door frames in the walls, the separate slabs, and the need for a separate A/C system as seen in the next photo.

Moving on from the wonderfully industrial HVAC equipment, some corner booths were left behind. I’m not sure if this location ever received the “full remodel” that many other Fuddrucker’s locations received. However, these round booths were generally the only thing left after one was finished. If Fuddrucker’s isn’t coming back it would be a little strange that these are still here.

Looking at the rear dining room, it makes the theory that this was an addition even stronger. Including the exterior A/C units. There was a relatively large rear parking lot. Also noticeable in the picture, is a rear door.

Taking one final look at the building, it really seems like this was a converted building. It’s a nice restaurant, and it doesn’t seem like Fuddrucker’s is leaving for good. Hopefully they either come back to this building or Luby’s tries out a new concept here.


  1. I remember going to this Fuddrucker’s as a kid too. I would play the Nintendo cabinet, when it used to have Super Mario Bros 3. So much great memories from this place!

  2. I could be wrong but i think that location did open in the early 80s. I remember going there as a kid when it was brand new

  3. Just to set the record straight there has never been a Fuddruckers at that location. There is a Steak ‘n Shake and it has not been closed or recently remodeled. There is a Fuddruckers at 10752 Sunset Hills Plaza which is approximately a quarter mile further south.
    As far as the “west side of town”; Kirkwood Rd. run north and south therefore somebody is seriously lost. Lastly there is not a Westheimer Street, Road, Blvd or Place anywhere I am able to locate in the St. Louis Metro area much less Kirkwood, MO.

    Have a great day and lay off the “fake news”.

    1. Yes there was a Fuddruckers for sure as I was the general manager there from 1989-1991. The photos bring back great memories. I eventually moved with the company to NYC and ran the location on the upper east side.

      1. No idea if you’ll read this, as you left your comment a few years ago…

        I’m British, and when I was 14 (34 years ago!), my family temporarily expatriated from the UK to Houston West, due to my father’s work (late May through end August, 1989). We regularly visited this Fuddruckers. Nothing like it existed in the UK, at the time, so we were blown-away! I wonder if you were General Manager there over the summer of 1989, as you say you worked there from 1989…

        One memory: we spent the summer with our fellow European friends, from Belgium, whose father was also posted to Houston that summer. They always joined us at Fuddruckers, and their Belgian (Flemish) surname was Germeys. In Flemish, that’s sort of pronounced Herr-mays, with a throaty ‘r’. But whenever their name was called out by your staff, when their food was ready, we’d hear a cheerful, American-translated, ‘Jer-meees, your food is ready, Jer-meees’. Which always gave us a laugh!

        The food was amazing, and so was the atmosphere. The entire summer was absolutely awesome, and I’ve never forgotten it, including our times at this Fuddruckers.

    2. This is a blog about retail in Houston, Texas. Kirkwood is a common street name, I see where your confusion stems from.

  4. Even though its been several months I just recently noticed this fuddruckers closed when I was driving around Westheimer and Kirkwood today. I used to live in the west side so this was my childhood Fuddruckers too, I would go there with my dad. I haven’t been inside that location since 2007/2008 ever since I moved away from the area. Really sad to see this location close, hopefully your right and they are just doing some remodeling and fuddruckers will return back to this location. It would be great if that happens considering I will be purchasing a house in west side again. I really love this area

    1. I just drove by a couple of days ago, and noticed that the Remodel permits all still list Fuddruckers. It’s not guaranteed that they’re coming back, but it’s pointing in that direction.

    1. I had no idea they operated in Panama. Looking at photos online, they’re nearly indistinguishable from their U.S. counterparts.

  5. I just noticed it the other day. I was shocked. If Luby’s is the owner, it may be a case of Luby’s trying to plug revenue leaks. Luby’s has been hurting big time, and if that store wasn’t making money, it may have been a “cutting the losses” decision. Can’t say with certainty.

  6. It has occurred to me that I don’t think I’ve ever been to a new build Fuddruckers. The one in College Station originally opened as JJ Muggs and served as a few other restaurants before Fuddruckers around 2004.

  7. You are correct about the back dining room originally being a patio. I remember eating back there as a kid, and playing an outdoor-located arcade cabinet of Super Mario Bros. that was placed on the covered patio. Thanks for posting this – I haven’t been to the West side of Houston in years, but it was a trip down memory lane to look through these pictures.