Permit Roundup: New chains, meet old locations

Howdy, folks, and welcome back to another edition of Permit Roundup! Today we’re taking a look at a few retail developments throughout the Houston area. Let’s start off with some newcomers to town. It seems that the Post Oak California Pizza Kitchen, who closed their Texas outlets during a COVID induced bankruptcy, may be host to a new restaurant. Il Braco, a noteworthy Dallas Italian restaurant, has filed remodel permits at 1705 Post Oak Boulevard after announcing their intent to build a second location in Houston. While this is a few digits of CPK’s address, the only other vacant restaurant in the center is the former Luby’s which is being prepared for Kenny’s and Ziggy’s. Another newbie in town appears to be a Yeti store. Yes, the chain that sells multi hundred dollar coolers through retailers like Buc-ee’s and Academy has taken to opening their own stores in the past few years. After opening locations in Dallas, Austin, and even other states, Yeti has selected 4048 Westheimer a storefront in Highland Village for their Houston location.

The former Meyerland BB&B as it appeared in 2020.

A newer but definitely established, retailer Dick’s Sporting Goods, has set their eyes on the vacant Bed Bath and Beyond at 700 Meyerland Plaza. This would be the second Dick’s to open in Houston since their initial batch of stores, with a location opening in Copperfield Marketplace nearly a year ago. In another retail remodel, we see DD’s Discounts takeover the former Factory2U store at 8006 S Gessner. The DD’s chain is the even more discounted sister of Ross, the shopping center already contains a Ross store and while a DD’s opening doesn’t always doom a Ross, they are shooting for the same demographic. With one final remodel on the way out, we have a permit for Logan’s Roadhouse at 12950 Northwest Freeway to update their store.



  1. The Luby’s, if I recall, was one of the flagship locations (with an all-white logo). Also, I haven’t seen Yeti coolers at Buc-ee’s for a while now, they switched to RTIC (with its warehouse on 290) at least five or so years ago.

    1. So speculations is that Post Oak location will relocate to Meyerland Plaza. Would this be a new opening? Anyone know?