Retail News: GFS makes progress on former Belden’s

Gordon Food Supply continues to make inroads on its stores in the Houston area. While an expected grand opening date has not yet been set, it seems likely that these stores will open either before the end of the year or slightly after. Most locations are at the same level of progress, with new foundation level power and drainage lines being installed, prior to interior work. It seems, however, that this former Belden’s in Braeswood Square is lagging a bit behind the other stores in the Houston area, with the permits for this location being filed a few months after the other stores. It is possible that, as a former grocery store, the space does not need as much construction as the other locations. Whatever the reasoning, this location has had more exterior work than any other future GFS so far. Removing the canopies, lights, and trees in front of the store and starting a new paint job. At the moment, GFS has six stores underway in the Houston area, with no official announcements as of yet.